Krusty's Filter

Click link to download this freeware filter. Krusty's Site is down but is being currently worked on Link To Krusty's

Krustys FX Volume 1.1

Examples of what this filter does.
All Filters are adjustable what is here is the preset of the filter.

Generator A (Metalic)

Generator B (Organic)

Generator B2 (Organic)

Generator C (Ancien)

Generator D (Ancien 2)

Generator E (Oldwood)

Generator F (Fabric)

Generator G (Deco 1)

Generator H (Deco 2)

Generator I (Fabric 2)

Generator J (Deco 3)

Generator K (Deco 4)

Generator L (Radial)

Generator M (Radial 2)

Generator N (Gardien)

Generator O (Gardien 2)

Generator P (Flower)

Generator Q (Flower 2)

Generator R (Spider)

Generator S (Spider 2)

Generator T (Radial 3)

Generator U (Radial 4)